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Here is how WeScriba can revolutionize the way you print.

Do you own a print centre? Do you deal with copies and digital prints in your business? Then WeScriba may serve your purpose. By relying on the WeScriba platform, you will be able to provide your customers with a fast printing service accessible via computer, smartphone and tablet; all prepaid. Customers will get a credit to spend exclusively with you. No commission or percentage will be retained by us. If you are still not sure…then we will give you access to WeScriba for free.

Why to move on to WeScriba

WeScriba was founded with the aim of providing those who deal with online prints daily with a valuable tool that can meet the modern needs of customers but at the same time it can also perform the gains of printing facilities. WeScriba is a web-application accessible via PC, Smartphone and Tablet and it allows users to print at the nearest WeScriba center freely.

Stop unnecessary waiting

No more USB sticks. No more documents sent by email. No more waiting. Your clients send you the file to print in PDF, Word or PowerPoint. You notify them when is ready to be picked up.

Prepaid and easy

The customer buys a credit from you. Quickly and safely via Credit card Visa or MasterCard, PayPal. You choose the cost of the prints for your customers. Colour or Black & White? No problem. Every type of print has its own price.

Real-Time Communication

The document is printed. All that remains is to inform the customer. Email or WhatsApp messaging will help you to keep in touch with your customers. Thanks to a simple click!!

What WeScriba can do for your Customers;your Business


Choose the WeScriba centre nearest you. Buy a prepaid credit. And send the file to be printed. Colour or Black & White: no problem.

Wherever you are. By any device

Computer, smartphone or tablet. You send, we print. No more USB sticks or documents sent by email.

No waste of Time

Stop queuing. As soon as ready, the WeScriba centre will send you a notification via email or WhatsApp. Pass…pick it up and go. Easier than ever!

Choose the WeScriba version that suits you best.

  • Bronze Plan
  • Free
    • Print PDF, DOCX, PPTX
    • Unlimited users
    • Web space for users file 20 MB
    • Manual file deletion
    • Communication via E-mail

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  • Gold Plan
  • 99,99$
    • Print PDF, DOCX, PPTX
    • Unlimited users
    • Web space for users file 110 MB
    • Automatic file deletion
    • Communication via E-mail

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No more queues. No more waiting.

Print online. Collect as soon as ready.

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